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Which Kitchen Cabinets Should You Choose?

Choosing your kitchen cabinets is not always an easy task. Not only do you have to consider materials, style and colour, but you also need to consider the remainder of your home and whether your desired choice will fit in with the rest of your decor. Here’s a quick run down of just some of the considerations you need to make as well as few of the options you may find yourself having to decide between.

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Kitchen Cabinet Materials

1. Glass

Glazed kitchen cabinets have the obvious benefit of giving you a great view into your cupboards. They’re also rather versatile in the sense that they can be made to appear contemporary or traditional, depending on how the glass is fitted into a cabinet frame. Tints and smoked effects are also an option to really enhance the look.

2. Decorative Laminate

Decorative laminate is incredibly affordable. They’re usually constructed from three resin layers; the base layer, the printed colour layer and then the protective layer. Fused together, they create a durable cabinet face in a multitude of different colours and styles.

3. Wood

Wood is a very broad term as there is a multitude of different options within this category, from hardwood to plywood, particleboard and even fibreboard. There’s also wood veneer to consider too. Although slightly more expensive, wood is tough and offers a long lifespan.

kitchen design
contemporary kitchen design

Kitchen Cabinet Styles

1. Traditional

Traditional is exactly that, traditional; always in style, always a beautiful style choice in almost any home. These traditional kitchen cabinets usually feature more detail with colours ranging from clean whites and creams to traditional wooden hues. 

2. Contemporary

Contemporary kitchen cabinets offer a more minimalist appearance with flat surfaces, simple hardware and offer a clean, unfussy appearance and even add in industrial notes.. Colours range widely and storage is usually slightly better in the sense that cabinets can often be taller too.

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