The Benefits Of Built In Wardrobes

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All The Positives Of Built In Wardrobes

Finding your dream wardrobe can be a tough task. While there are a million different freestanding wardrobes to choose from, at various different budgets, it’s highly unlikely they’ll fit the space they’re intended for. What’s more, they tend to lack the storage for your specific wardrobe needs, to aid your bedroom design

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Whether you’d like a particular area for your hats, jewellery or ties, finding this personalised type of wardrobe system ‘off the rack’ so to speak, isn’t always possible. For this reason, and many others for that matter, more people are now choosing to opt for built in wardrobes.

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Fitted Wardrobes: The Pros And The… Pros

There are numerous benefits when it comes to built in wardrobes.

Here are just a few:

1. Maximise Your Space

Unlike wardrobes you’d buy from local chain stores, built in wardrobes can be made to fit any kind of space. They create the most intelligent solution for the room you intend to have them in.

From making the most of small corners and recesses to awkward alcoves; with our expert designers, you can rest assured that you’ll maximise every inch of space possible in your current room layout.

2. Design For Your Decor

Our team will design, build and install fitted wardrobes to your exact specification. You can quite literally design your own wardrobes alongside our team who’ll ensure you’re making the most of your space.

They’ll then ensure they fit in accordingly with your current or intended interior. Whether you want oak finishes, acrylic finishes or even stainless steel, we’ll make your wardrobes designed perfectly to fit in with your decor and personal tastes.

3. Internal Configurations To Suit

The beauty of fitted wardrobes is that you have full control over the internal configurations. You can customise them to suit your personal style and preferences.

Whether you need shelving with room for shoe boxes or different shelving and rails on each side to cater for not only yours but your spouses needs too, our design team can make it happen.

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4. Personalised Lighting

Lighting is a big thing when it comes to wardrobes and while free standing wardrobes can indeed offer lighting, the lighting won’t necessarily be pointing at the specific area of the wardrobe you want.

Nor will they offer lighting within the wardrobe itself.

Here at Andrew Nicolas, we can create custom illumination to make your wardrobes not only look great but function more efficiently, making it easier for you to find clothing in the deeper drawers and shelves.

5. Built For Your Exact Space

Regardless of the height of your ceilings or the space you have to play with, fitted wardrobes can be created to fit into the exact space you want them.

Wardrobes will be designed and built according to your exact dimensions.

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