5 Ways To Design A More Spacious Bedroom

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Top Tips For Creating Space In Your Bedroom

I’m sure all of us would love our homes to have king sized bedrooms, but in reality, most bedrooms are a tight squeeze. More often than not, we have no say in the size of the bedroom we’re faced with but with a little strategic styling and some professional bedroom design, it’s possible to make even the pokiest sleeping quarters feel positively enormous.

The Best Tips And Tricks For A Much More Spacious Bedroom

To give you a better idea, here are just a few tips and tricks to show you that size really does not matter and that with a little professional expertise, you can enjoy a much more spacious bedroom than you ever thought possible.

Use All Available Surfaces

One of the biggest challenges in a smaller bedroom is ensuring you have enough surface space without squeezing in extra furniture.

With a smaller bedroom, it’s time to start being resourceful and making use of available space in order to spread your belongings out and give it a more open feel. Even areas such as window sills can be utilised to house lighting or décor when there’s no room for extra bedside tables. 

 Less Is More

This is a somewhat obvious piece of advice but a vital piece none-the-less. Less will always be more, particularly when trying to create space in a small bedroom. When there isn’t a lot going on, minimal design will help project a strong sense of space and easy living with it.

Think frameless mirrors, plain black metal side tables and even a headboard free bed.

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Fitted Wardrobes & Walk In Closets 

Fitted furniture has come a long way. Here at Andrew Nicolas we specialise in maximising storage in any space, in fact helping create that spacious feel (along with a sense of luxury of course) is something we enjoy doing the most. With fitted furniture, you can utilise space that would otherwise be left, making the most of every inch of your bedroom.

From small apexes and even eaves space within a loft bedroom, having fitted wardrobes can really make even the smallest bedroom appear much roomier than it is. There’s also the added benefit of sliding doors to consider. These are particularly great in tight spaces, allowing you to access hidden drawers and pull out storage.

Here at Andrew Nicolas Interiors, one of our specialities happens to be sliding doors, of which we have a stunning array. Not to mention the incredibly innovative internal storage options that you simply wouldn’t get with ‘off the rack’ wardrobes.

 Utilise Built In Everything

While built in wardrobes will help tremendously, you don’t have to stop there. Think built in bookshelves, or even built in storage within your bed. This allows you to store and essentially hide anything that could begin to clutter your room and drawer attention to its actual size.

Instead, built in bookshelves will utilise otherwise dead space once again, and storage built in within the bed will offer you the storage space without the need for extra items of furniture. Less furniture, less clutter and the feeling of much more space.

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 Here at Andrew Nicolas, we have spent years designing bedrooms that offer not only incredible functionality but exquisite design. Your bedroom should be a space for you to live, relax and feel at peace, regardless of its size.

Whether you’re looking for bedroom flooring or amazing storage options, our incredible team will help transform your bedroom, making your dreams a reality as we design and hand build storage and more to your exact design and specifications.

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