2019 Kitchen Design Trends

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Kitchen Design Trends To Give You The Wow Factor

Whether you plan on enjoying a new kitchen in time for Christmas or you just want to start the New Year with a few kitchen renovations, it pays to check out the current trends to ensure your kitchen looks as good as it performs. Even if you prefer a simple, traditional kitchen design, or a more modern and bold style, here are some of 2019’s biggest kitchen design trends to live by.

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1. Natural Stone & Resin Worktops

Colour has been a big winner in 2019, but to balance out all that colour a little natural stone or resin based worktops such as Corian or Tristone is the perfect addition. Think natural stone worktops and natural stone flooring. Kitchen design companies in Essex, including ourselves, have seen natural stone and resin based worktop requests rapidly increase but is it any wonder when it not only looks great but it performs great too being incredibly durable and hardwearing.

2. Concealed Kitchen Storage 

A common trend at the moment is to have concealed storage and one fantastic way to achieve this is with the help of clean, integrated cabinets. Think no more handles and super clean lines on all cabinetry to create a feeling of minimalism and extra space.

3. Matte Black Kitchen Finishings 

While bright, vibrant colours are becoming hugely popular, so too is the addition of matte black and industrial finishes. While we aren’t talking about matte black cabinets, we are referring to fixtures and fittings. Matte black taps provide the ultimate contrast to slick white cupboards in a contemporary setting.

kitchen design
contemporary kitchen design

4. Display Shelving 

Open shelving is a trend that’s becoming more and more popular as people choose to display their dishes, their pots and pans or simply their plant collection. Open shelving offers a hint of hotel and retail spaces which gives it a bold feel, creating an almost statement appeal. While it does forgo the minimalism trend, it does provide an almost commercial and in some cases, industrial feel that many are leaning toward. Think wood, glass or metal.

5. Technology & Kitchen Appliances 

Technology has made its way into every single aspect of our lives so why should our kitchens be any different? Devices are becoming smarter and smarter and are integrating so seamlessly, so much so that even fridge freezers are providing a technical aspect. Just take a look at the new hub refrigerators that allow you to not only browse the inner contents of the fridge without actually opening it but will also help you create a recipe with what you have in there too. 

6. Vintage Style Kitchens 

Vintage never goes out of style and while modern and contemporary design is indeed the leader within kitchen design, vintage is something that will always complement perfectly. Think traditional elements and accents that will work in harmony with the rest of your modern design. As mentioned above, natural stone is a fantastic addition as is rattan furniture along with vintage inspired lighting and fixtures.

kitchen design
traditional kitchen design

7. Coloured Kitchen Cabinets

For a long time now, our kitchen fitters have been installing white kitchen after white kitchen. Thankfully, the tables are turning and coloured cabinetry is beginning to take over. We love nothing more than installing bright, vibrant coloured cabinets along with darker, mood setting cabinets that use deep blues and greens which can be brought to life with clever and inspired lighting.

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